Thursday, February 21, 2008

The sort of seeds

Today we managed to sort all our seeds in order of sowing. It makes it a lot easier, when one starts sowing seed flats, to know ahead of time what your planting and when. At times it can seem overwhelming but, it's quite beneficial in the long run.

We'll be firing up the greenhouses this Saturday (02/23/08) and we'll start planting the seeds for a glorious display of color that can only take your breath away come spring. I always look forward to seeing the seeds start poking up through the soil. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable to go out every morning to the smell of the moist soil and the hints of green from the flats that have germinated. I will post pictures from time to time so that you can see some of the progression I see.

For now, time to rest up knowing that Spring at Mosswood Gardens is only two days away.

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Anonymous said...

i bet you're going to grow luscious plants and flowers